October 13-15, 2015

Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN

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  • Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo

The World's Largest Gathering of Shopper & Retail Marketing Professionals

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The Expo Audience
Expo attracts thousands of forward-thinking brand marketers, agency executives and other retail professionals who develop shopper marketing strategy along the path to purchase.

Choose Your Experience
Make Expo work for you! Create the most valuable and relevant experience possible by choosing seminars and corresponding exhibitors based on your general area of interest.

World-Class Keynote Addresses
Big name retailers share ideas about digital media, the omnichannel shopper, programmatic platforms and the role of circulars in influencing in-store behavior.

Meet the Speakers
Over 85 experts — including Institute Faculty — will present insights on everything from e-commerce strategies to retail collaboration to digitally integrated shopper solutions.

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Get in front of a captive audience of brand marketers and retail executives who are responsible for reaching and engaging consumers along the path to purchase.

Inside the Exhibit Hall
Visit the curated and potent collection of over 120 capable solution providers that bridge the gap between knowledge and execution.

Design of the Times Gallery
Browse the finalist entries from the 2015 Design of the Times competition on display in the Gallery on the show floor.

Network, Celebrate, Socialize
There is no better place for learning and networking with peers, colleagues, mentors and future business partners.

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